New Backup Generators for WNIN TV and FM

The Tri-State's demand for quality content has no schedule. Days, nights, weekends and holidays, whenever you tune your television or radio to Channel 9 or 88.3, you expect that WNIN will be available with its informative and educational programming. For this reason, WNIN strives to maintain broadcasting equipment that is as dependable as possible.

In 2012, WNIN has taken a large step toward increased reliability in its broadcasting services. Funded by a grant from the Federal Communications Commission, new generators and a battery backup system have been installed at our studios in the historic Carpenter Home in downtown Evansville and at the WNIN transmitter site near Boonville, Indiana. WNIN has also established a Network Operations Center to handle broadcast during emergencies.

The WNIN-TV and FM transmitters have been equipped with a generator to provide emergency power during outages. When the power goes out, the towers will be switched to generator power with only a momentary delay in the signal. That means the signal will remain operational, for days if necessary, until power is restored.

Likewise, in the case of an outage at our Evansville studios, the station's essential systems will be instantly switched to battery power until the generator is online and providing power. This will allow for a seamless transition to generator power, without any costly equipment shutdowns or lengthy reboot sequences.

WNIN also relocated all essential broadcasting equipment for TV and radio into a single, climate controlled Network Operations Center at the station which is tied directly to the emergency generator for power during emergencies.

With improvements such as these, your public media station is making great strides toward increased reliability and quality in its broadcasting services.



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