If you are within the viewing area and not able to receive WNIN on your TV, check the following.
• Make sure your antenna is capable of receiving TV signals in the VHF band.  Some of the cheaper/smaller antennas pick up UHF only and will not receive our transmitter frequency (189mhz).
• Aim your antenna toward Warrick County.  Our TV/Radio signals are transmitted from our tower there.
• Ensure your cabling is in good condition.  No kinks, no pinches, no cuts. 
• Make sure your connections are tight and sealed from weather.
• Splitters- 1 2-way splitter will cut your signal level in half.  If you need to send your antenna signal to multiple tv outlets, a pre-amplifier may be necessary. If you determine a pre-amp is necessary, install it as close to the antenna as possible.


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