Q. I love what I'm seeing and hearing on WNIN! I want to help support the station. How can I make a financial contribution?

A. WNIN's secure online donation form makes it easy to make a one-time or monthly repeating donation.


Q. Where is the WNIN station located?

A. WNIN's headquarters is accessed via Bond Street in Downtown Evansville. Look for the big, gray house behind Pearl Cleaners. Click here for more specific directions.


Q. How quickly are local programs made available for watching online after they are aired on WNIN TV?

A. Local program episodes are made available as soon as is possible. It may be between a few days and a couple weeks, depending on how popular the episode is and how much time is available.


Q. What are the origins of WNIN?

A. WNIN began as a series of educational programs produced by the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation in the 1950's. To find out how it transitioned from this to its current state, click here.


Q. How far do WNIN's TV and radio signals reach?

A. Despite the fact that WNIN is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, its coverage area covers parts of Southern Indiana, Eastern Illinois, and Northern Kentucky. Click here for a map of our coverage area.


Q. Where does WNIN's funding come from?

A. WNIN receives some federal grants to aid in providing educational media to the Tri-State. However, the majority of the money that keeps WNIN running comes from the support of listeners like you. To view WNIN's public financial reports, click here.


Q. What does WNIN stand for?

A. Legend (and Wikipedia) has it that the last three letters are derived from "Channel NINe," the channel on which our TV station is broadcast. Add the mandatory 'W' at the beginning, and you get "WNIN," the station's call numbers.


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