Mallorie Cloum

TV Operations Manager

As Director of Operations, Mallorie consistently ensures our broadcast signal is-- well, broadcasting, completes production work, and reaches out to our viewers via social media such as Facebook and Twitter

Mallorie got her start in public media during her sophomore year of college, working as a volunteer with WNIN and assisting in video production.  During her time, she served as a camera operator, editor, and more.  With her newfound skills, she then became a production assistant for Ball State’s University Teleplex Services and continued to learn via the staff at WIPB-TV (Muncie’s PBS affiliate). 

Mallorie is an Evansville native with an extreme passion for all things Public Broadcast.  She enjoys the programs from Masterpiece Theatre, Austin City Limits, Nature, and so much more.  In her free time, she enjoys photography, creating documentaries, and being around her family and friends.