Is your child a player or a couch potato? Yes, playing video games and watching TV are what your children may want to do, but time spent outside playing games and breathing the fresh air is what you know is best for them... and best for you!

Whether it’s getting your children involved in a formal team sport or activity, or just taking a walk around the neighborhood and talking about your day together, spending active time with your children can help to improve their attention span and behavior – not to mention their health.

And remember exercise doesn’t have to be boring or hard. A game of sidewalk hopscotch or some much needed exercise for the family dog can get you and your children active and healthy.

So ditch the couch potatoes and be a kid again! Get you and your children up and playing at least an hour a day!


Want to get you and your children more active but think working out takes a gym membership or lots of extra time?

How about dancing your way to better health? Dancing is a great aerobic exercise and can be done while you do daily household chores and activities.

Need to make dinner?

Put on some music and dance away while your family helps to prepare the food and set the table.

Want your kids to clean their room? Turn up the volume and get the work done in half the time.

Dancing is a great way to spend time with your kids doing something fun and can help you to bond and relax after a hard day.

Dance your way to better health!

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