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As a WNIN supporter, you help create the radio and television that keeps us informed, feeds our curiosity and broadens our horizons. Your contribution keeps WNIN strong — now and into the future. Be a part of WNIN today!

Contributions of any dollar amount will allow WNIN to serve the community for years to come, so consider a gift that fits into your personal budget.

Membership begins with a contribution of $50 or more — just $25 if you are a senior, a student or a person with a disability.

You can become a member with either a one-time, lump-sum contribution or through simple, ongoing monthly gifts as part of our Sustaining Circle. Consider a gift of $5, $10, $15, or $20 a month. We’ve made it easy for you, our valued supporter, with the option of automatic bank transfer or monthly credit or debit card charges. Many WNIN contributors also extend their support through workplace giving or matching gifts programs where some companies will match, double, or even triple your gift.

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Support Independent Public Broadcasting!

We depend on you. WNIN is a non-profit, public service organization that counts on the financial contributions of viewers and listeners for the largest portion of the budget. Without your generous support, we wouldn’t have the funds to produce, acquire and broadcast commercial-free programs in the Tri-State area.


On Air, Online, and in the Community

Since October 1969, WNIN has been a trusted community resource that educates, entertains, and empowers Tri-State citizens. WNIN plays a vital role in the cultural and educational enrichment of the Tri-State area with public broadcasting on air, online and in the community.

Whether it is through our broadcast, via cable, over the internet or from our extensive community outreach and education programs, WNIN consistently delivers inspiring content that engages, empowers and educates our audience about the world.

WNIN is the only community-owned public broadcasting station in the Tri-State area. WNIN offers the finest national and local programming through its cutting-edge broadcast facilities — WNIN-TV, WNIN-FM 88.3 and!



Broadcaster's Circle$90-350
Director's Circle$350-500
Producer's Circle$500-999
Carpenter Society$1000-3000
Carpenter Society Gold Member$3000+


Donor BenefitsMemberBroadcaster's CircleDirector's CircleProducer's CircleCarpenter SocietyCarpenter Society Gold Member
Program Schedulexxxxxx
WNIN Discount Card xxxxx
Tour of Historic Carpenter Home xxxxx
Lending Library DVDs of PBS and Local Productions  xxxx
Special Program Screenings  xxxx
Day Sponsorship Opportunity  xxxx
Invitations to Tapings of Local Programs   xxx
Gift Kids Club Membership (for grandchild)   xxx
Recognition in Annual Report   xxx
Invitations to WNIN Special Events    xx
On-air Recognition of Carpenter Society    xx
Carpenter Home Print    xx
Invitations to Carpenter Society Appreciation Events    xx
Private Station Tour with WNIN President     x
2 Complimentary Tickets to Annual WNIN Gala     x