Carpenter Society


The Past

The Carpenter Society was created to recognize spirited investors who have a strong commitment to our service. Comprised of donors who annually contribute $1,000 or more to WNIN Channel 9 or FM 88.3, these special individuals, who are among WNIN’s most generous patrons and stewards, have shaped the future and strengthened the mission of our vital public service in the Tri-State.

The Carpenter Society members are the foundation of it all, acting as major investors in and ambassadors for WNIN. By joining them, you, too, can help WNIN expand its vision of excellence, develop new programs and projects, turn new ideas into reality and find innovative ways of serving the Tri-State citizens to enrich life in this community.


The Present

We are revitalizing the Carpenter Society this year, with a goal of increased membership. It will be through new members like you that we can best tell our story of community impact. You will be an important voice as we move toward our vision of the Tri-State being a place where lives flourish through a community that is informed and connected through public broadcasting. Your Carpenter Society membership entitles you to receive a number of exclusive benefits and privileges, including invitations to special events and receptions, personal station tours, member luncheons and insider information updates. You will also be recognized in our annual report for your outstanding level of generosity.

When you consider the growing consolidation of media today, we hope you’ll agree that WNIN plays a critical role in our community, as one of the last remaining independent voices that provides in-depth news to inform us and cultural programs to enliven us.


The Future

As you renew your membership this year consider an investment in WNIN’s distinguished Carpenter Society. You will make a difference in a way few others do. Through WNIN you have an opportunity to meet the educational, cultural and information needs of our citizens – and offer viewers of all ages an open window to the world. Most importantly you will be investing in generations to come and you will have helped make the Tri-State the best place to work, live and prosper.