Why Your Company Should Support WNIN

Supporting our mission to bring quality, educational programming to the entire community brings with it some marketing advantages for your company as well. Among them are the following reasons:

  • With an average of just five and a half minutes of non-programming per hour, WNIN delivers your corporate message in a program-rich, clutter-free environment.
  • 71 percent of parents with children under age 12, when asked, said they would buy a product from a PBS Kids sponsor
  • 2005 Roper ASW Survey of Parents
  • 68 percent of PBS viewers feel that companies that fund PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence
  • 2006 PBS Sponsorship Awareness Study
  • 80 percent of public radio listeners agree that their opinion of a company is more positive when they find out it supports public radio
  • 75% of NPR news listeners agree that when price and quality are equal, they prefer to buy products from companies that support public radio*
  • 73% of NPR news listeners agree that the social and cultural values of public radio sponsors usually fit closely with their own values*

* Source: 2007 NPR & Jacobs Media Underwriting Study


Because of a sponsorship announcement on a public radio station

  • 75% of NPR listeners have attended a performance, cultural event or exhibit*
  • 51% of NPR listeners have gathered more information about a company or product*
  • 56% of NPR listeners have read a book*
  • 56% of NPR listeners have considered a new product or service*

*Source: NPR and Jacobs Media. Telephone study of core listeners conducted by Edison Media Research in May-June 2007


Key Benefits of Supporting WNIN

  • Position your organization to a highly influential local audience
  • Effectively manage public opinion
  • Reach viewers in a quality-rich, clutter-free environment
  • Demonstrate and receive recognition for community-based philanthropy
  • Create a unique bond between the product or service and the underwritten program's viewers
  • Get in touch with customers and prospects while leveraging the positive equity associated with PBS
  • Exhibit excellent corporate citizenship in the Tri-state community
  • Build brand awareness