WNIN Orange Mug Club - Get Free Coffee All Year Round

Join the Club!

Hey all you Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me! fans, here’s your chance to get in on something special. For a contribution of $75, you can join the WNIN Orange Mug Club and enjoy free coffee, conversation and camaraderie all year long! Simply present your signature orange mug at participating coffee shops around the Tri-State and tell them to “fill ‘er up!”

Free Coffee Here!

Reap the Benefits!

In addition to free coffee, you’ll also get invitations to exclusive Orange Mug Club events. OMC members have enjoyed listening to Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me! and meeting on-air personalities at various meet-and-greets and studio breakfasts at the Carpenter House.

Strong-Arm a Friend

Get your friends involved! Meeting new people is fun, but wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the benefits of the club with your friends or family members? Point them to this page and encourage them to press the pretty red “Donate” button to get free coffee and great fun all year!