WNIN Local Program Fund

Viewing and listening audiences alike love WNIN’s programming. A recent ARS survey revealed that many of our viewers/listeners want WNIN to produce more local in-depth content about the issues that we face as a community.

We want to do more and you can help, through individual donations and corporate support of WNIN’s Local Program Fund. Over the past year, businesses and individuals have donated generously to this dedicated fund helping to support the recording of local musical and entertainment events, civic debates, forums, interviews, and other important local content.

Are you interested in seeing, hearing or learning more about the Evansville Tri-State area, its history or its people? With your help we can do more. Join us to support the WNIN Local Program Fund today. Simply make a donation by clicking the “Pledge Now” button below, or contact us at membership@wnin.org