The Big Read is a recurring event, facilitated by USI, to promote reading, reflecting and community action on issues affecting the Tri-State Area. WNIN is proud to partner with USI by offering an archive of the submitted entries.

Several Events in February will feature discussions, keynotes, and documentaries.

High School and college students interview five survivors of the Great Depressions.
Dr. Robert Reid discusses The Big Read on February 5, 2014 on WNIN Regional Voices at USI.

Big Read Individual Stories

Maime Dowell

Interview with Great Depression survivor Maime Dowell

Geraldine Hammers

Interview with Great Depression survivor Geraldine Hammers

Chris Nix
Chris Nix

Interview with Great Depression survivor Chris Nix

Mary Catherine Schmitt

Interview with Mary Schmitt about the Great Depression

Mel Peterson

Interview with Mel Peterson, Great Depression survivor.