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Nearly all of us grew up watching PBS Kids, and that makes us PBS Kids Alumni! Join our wall of alumni by submitting a photo of yourself from the year you began watching PBS. Include your name, the year you began watching and the PBS show that most influenced your childhood. Don't be shy; we were all cute and awkward back then! Just take a look below at WNIN's president, Brad Kimmel.

After you submit your photo, pass along the educational gift of PBS Kids to your children or grandchildren by signing them up for the WNIN Kids Club so they can be PBS Kids Alumni too.

Submit your PBS Kids Alumni photo by email to apetrash@wnin.org with the subject "PBS Kids Alumni." Be sure to include your name, the year you became a PBS Kid and the PBS Kids show that influenced you the most. You can also post your photo on our Facebook page or tweet us @WNIN with the hashtag #WNINPBSKids.



Afterwards, make a donation to make your kids or grandkids WNIN Kids Club members!


Carlin Beckman (1969) Sesame Street

Brad Kimmel (1970) Sesame Street

Christie York (1987) Reading Rainbow

Brad KimmelPBS Kids Alumni Mallorie


Nikki Wessley (1991) Sesame Street


Mallorie Cloum (1991) Wishbone


Brooke Schleter (1995) Sesame Street

Alison Petrash PBS Kids Alumni


Alison Petrash (1997) Barney






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