Alcoa Recycling Roundup

School is out! How will you keep your family engaged in learning and community service during the summer months?

WNIN invites your family to participate in two exciting community service projects made possible by the Alcoa Recycling Roundup, a special section of Kids Fest 2015 dedicated to recycling education.

Submissions will no longer be accepted for 2015. Please check back for updates about next year's contest!

Ultimate Upcycle

The Alcoa Recycling Roundup Ultimate Upcycle Contest encourages kids ages 5-12 to make a difference in their communities by exploring creative and fun ways to recycle. Finalists will be invited to display their projects at Kids Fest 2015 where a winner will be chosen. Check out this entry by Devin, age 5!




Litter Walk

Lead a group of friends, family, and/or neighbors through your neighborhood on a litter walk.  Collect and sort recyclable materials in separate containers and take pictures of your full containers and your group taking them to a recycling center.


Our 2015 Recycling Roundup Rangers

Devin, Age 5

Devin Cain 2-2.jpg   devin2

"We had a four wheeler with a trailer on it and we had so much fun walking the streets picking up trash and separating it to have it recycled. I think it was a great lesson for our son to participate in this. It taught him the value of our environment and not to throw things out of the window. He had a smile on his face the whole time." - from Brian, Devin's father


Contact us at (812) 423-2973 or for more information.


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