RadioActive WNIN FM Pledge Drive


2016 Spring Goal


200 new members

Join the RadioActive Movement, powered by YOU! Click below to support WNIN-FM.


*A sustainer pledge will auto-renew every month with no interruption to your membership unless you cancel it.



Across the country, public-radio members like you are changing the face of traditional pledge drives. With the RadioActive drive, you have the opportunity to pledge early and enjoy your favorite programs -- with minimal interruption!

This spring, we have both a monetary goal and a new-members goal. We're asking our current members to renew or make an additional-gift contribution to the New Members Matching Fund, and we're asking all those listeners who have not yet made a pledge to finally take that step and become WNIN members!

Our goal is $60,000 and 200 new members. If we reach that goal before the end of the 10-day pledge drive starting April 9, we will wrap up the drive early. Can we cut it in half? Maybe more? It's up to you!

Now is your chance!  Give now, and let’s start a new tradition!

After making a donation, change your Facebook profile picture, cover image or both to the ones below, or share them on Facebook to show your friends that you support your local public media station.