RadioActive WNIN FM Pledge Drive


2016 Fall Goal


If we reach our $150,000 goal for this fall drive, we won't have a spring pledge drive at all! That means less interruption of your favorite WNIN 88.3 FM programming. Just one pledge drive a year and we're DONE.


*A sustainer pledge will auto-renew every month with no interruption to your membership unless you cancel it.


RadioActive Marzen Collaboration Beer

Tin Man Brewing Co. will donate all proceeds from the RadioActive Märzen, created in collaboration with WNIN, to our fall pledge drive. You can try it at the brewery, at six different Schnucks locations (North Green River Rd., Newburgh, Washington Ave., West, Darmstadt and First Ave.), or at a variety of liquor stores (Winetree, Liquor Locker, Kwick Liquor, Varsity Liquors and Westside Liquors).