Support WNIN FM's fall pledge drive by purchasing a four-pack of RadioActive!

WNIN has collaborated with Tin Man Brewing Company to create RadioActive, a full-bodied, malty Märzen balanced with clean noble hop bitterness. A style born in Bavaria, a Märzen harkens to Evansville's German heritage. All proceeds from the sale of RadioActive beer will be generously donated by Tin Man to WNIN 88.3 FM.


RadioActive Marzen Collaboration Beer


You can pick up some RadioActive at the Tin Man brewery on Franklin St. or purchase it at the following Schnucks locations:

  • North Green River Rd.
  • Newburgh
  • Washington Ave.
  • West
  • Darmstadt
  • First Ave.

RadioActive is also available at the following liquor stores:

  • Winetree
  • Liquor Locker
  • Kwick Liquor
  • Varsity Liquors
  • Westside Liquors


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