Evansville’s Great Kitchens will be a weekly series of five programs highlighting local and unique kitchens.  Meet the kitchen owners and hear how they were inspired to create their spaces and how these spaces inspire the owners.  Travel to kitchens throughout the Tri-State including Evansville, Newburgh, Boonville and Henderson.  "I set out to show a wide variety of kitchens in the series. Homes showcased include historic, contemporary, custom and outdoor kitchens. Some are large and lavish, others are small and cozy. One thing all 15 kitchens have in common is that each one is interesting and unique in its own way. The owners have a true sense of pride in their kitchen spaces and were excited to share their homes with the viewers," states series producer, Jane Owen, of One Chick Productions. 

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For a lot of homes, the kitchen is the center of activity, with each kitchen reflecting the style of its owners.  Starting in June, WNIN will take you inside some of the best the Tri-State has to offer.  Explore the historic, the lavish, the contemporary, and even outdoor kitchens.  

Evansville’s Great Kitchens will air- on 9.1

Thursday -8pm 
Saturday -6pm
Sunday   -11:30am

Great Recipes

Dream Homes  -Dream Homes feature lavish dream home kitchens.

A Unique Twist  -A vintage kitchen, a renovated school house becomes a family home, and an artists' whimsical cooking space are showcased.

Contemporary Living  -Kitchen and dining areas of three area contemporary homes and condos are explored.

Historical Heritage  -Historial Heritage features original and renovated kitchens in historical homes of Evansville and Henderson.

Kitchen Al Fresco  -Outdoor kitchen and entertaining areas are featured in this springtime episode.