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The Tri-State region is rich in vibrant stories. Telling them is WNIN's passion. Our TV production team is dedicated to preserving our past, discussing today's concerns, and helping people of all ages learn something new about the place where they live.

Beyond entertainment alone, WNIN's local programming focuses on issues that relate to making the Tri-State an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

Here are some examples of the programs WNIN Channel 9 produces:



When the Indiana Legislature is in session, Lawmakers offers viewers a chance to get updates straight from local legislators themselves. Watch Lawmakers Online

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Tri-State Life


Currently in production, “Tri-State Life” discovers local personalities that have a story or hobby that is a little off the beaten path. The series has highlighted a birdhouse builder, a yarn producer, a jewelry maker, and musicians.  Check our listing for new episodes. Watch past episodes of Tri-State Life


Shorts by High Schoolers (SxHS)

Each year local students have the opportunity to enter in the Shorts By High Schoolers (SxHS) film competition to compete for top place and prizes with their own productions.  The final stage of the competition is recorded in the WNIN Studios with a live audience and broadcast on the station. 

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Evansville at War

Evansville at War is a two-part documentary highlighting Evansville, Indiana's role in the World War II effort through the personal stories of members of our community. Produced in 2016, this special features many local personalities as they tell the stories that describe an eager and growing city that made a large impact on the war efforts with the production of planes, ships, and ammunition.

Live Local in Warrick County.png

Live Local in Warrick County

Your journey begins with a brief history of Warrick County and moves on the present-day gems including local Farmers' Markets, Fairs, Festivals, events, and places.  Visit local wineries, family farms, and the great people who call Warrick County home.  Produced in 2016.

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Picture This!

Produced in 2015 and 2016, this series of ten half hours features local historical experts discussing photographs from the 20s through the 70s.  Episodes include Evansville main street and riverfront, hotels and theatres, WWII and the shipyard, the 1937 flood, Mesker Park Zoo, Evansville’s automotive history, historic homes and schools, famous people and places, African American history, Breweries, and postcards.


The Field That Bosse Built.png

The Field that Bosse Built

Investigate the history of one of Evansville’s signature landmarks, the third oldest ballpark in the US behind Fenway Park and Wrigley Field, and the noted location of many scenes from the 1992 Hollywood classis ‘A League of Their Own’.  Produced in 2015, this hour highlights the field’s history through the personal testimonials of those most involved in its growth and popularity.

New Vision New Harmony.png

New Vision New Harmony

Explore the nature of New Harmony, Indiana, a special community that draws artists and creative types from around the world.  Tour New Harmony’s arts and culture, architecture and history.  Stops featured include the Atheneum Visitors Center, The Granary, Thrall’s Opera House, Murphy Auditorium, the Workingmen’s Institute, the New Harmony Soap Company and Sara’s Harmony Way Coffee Shop and Wine Bar.  Produced in 2015.

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Top 9 Countdown

What was the worst disaster in our area or the best coach?  WNIN’s Top 9 counts down topics, from the least liked to the best liked as determined by a panel of community participants.  Topics in the countdowns include weather disasters, barbecue restaurants, infamous crimes, basketball teams, historic buildings, news personalities, local events, football coaches, musicians, and civic leaders.


Evansville's Great Kitchens.png

Evansville's Great Kitchens

This series of five half hours was produced in 2014 in conjunction with One Chick Productions and focuses on local unique kitchens.  Kitchen themes include historic heritage, contemporary living, kitchens with a unique twist, dream home kitchens, and outdoor kitchens.



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