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Through 88.3 FM and WNIN-TV, WNIN is committed to bringing you local, regional, and international news and programming thanks to YOU!

Your donations are an important part of our daily operations. As the largest portion of the budget, member donations provide the funds to produce, acquire, and broadcast commercial-free programs in the Tri-State area. Join us as a Sustainer today and help continue WNIN's long tradition of providing entertaining, educating, and inspiring content for all in our community.

To donate for immediate Passport access, please visit

Become a WNIN Sustaining Member

Becoming a WNIN Sustainer is one of the easiest ways to enjoy both the benefits of your WNIN membership and to provide ongoing, reliable support to your local public media station! 

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Monthly contributions provide us with a stable source of income that is essential in strengthening the mission of our vital public service in the Tri-State. It ensures that we are able to continue to provide the programming and information you have come to love and depend on. 

Make your monthly contribution directly from your checking account (the easiest and most secure way to be a sustainer!) or by using your credit or debit card. To increase your monthly contribution or update your information, please contact WNIN Member Services by calling 812-423-2973 ext. 128 or email


WNIN Sustainer Benefits:

  • Uninterrupted WNIN benefits and services - your membership is always current
  • No renewal notices in the mail
  • Subscription to Evansville Living
  • Access to WNIN Passport, on-demand access to a rich library of great public television programming and local productions
  • Receive updates about WNIN news and events
  • Can change or stop your donation at any time
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