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What can I do with myWNIN?

1. Get Access to WNIN Passport

If you're a member giving $60 or more per year, or $5 per month, you can find your Passport activation token with myWNIN. Not a member yet? Become a member and get your Passport activation token at


2. Make a Donation

Show your support for WNIN with an additional gift or renew your membership.


3. Become a Sustainer

Show your support by giving a monthly gift to keep your favorite programs on the air as a sustaining member of WNIN.


4. Verify Account Information

Check the details of your account, from your name and address to payments and membership status.


5. Update Your Contact Information

Keep us updated on your address, phone number and email address with a click of a button. This way, we can stay in touch and keep you posted.


6. View Your Donation History and Print Receipts

Charitable gifts to WNIN may be tax deductible. members who would like to print receipts for tax purposes can access receipts for this and past years.


7. Change Your Pay Method

Update a lost or expired credit or debit card, or change to simple electronic funds transfer from your checking or savings account.


8. Submit Your Feedback

You can submit comments, compliments, and feedback directly to the WNIN Member Services team.