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Radio Reading Service


The WNIN Radio Reading Service is sponsored by the United Way of Posey County

Are you or a loved one unable to read the newspaper because of sight or mobility constraints? The WNIN Radio Reading Service provides news and information via special receivers to over 250 sight-impaired people in the Tri-State.

Each morning, seven days a week, these WNIN listeners are served volunteers who come to the WNIN studios to read from area newspapers.

Local broadcasts are from 8:00 AM to noon Central on weekdays, and from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Central on weekends. During the remainder of the 24-hour broadcast day, Radio Reading listeners may enjoy readings from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as provided by the Gatewave network.

If you would like to become a Radio Reading Service volunteer -- or if you know someone who might benefit from having a Radio Reading Service receiver -- please give us a call at (812) 423-2973 ext. 166 or email


Don Assalone
Sue Barancik
Jeannie Barnett
Betty Beabout
Carol Lynn Berseth
Julia Bower
Marge Brantley
Aundria Brummell
Gary Bush
David Childress
Shirley Clements
Katherine Cooke
Don Cooper
Joan Cooper
Steve Dabrowski
Dana Davey
Mike Decker
LeRoy Dilger
Pat Dilger
Karl Dorff
Linda Eggleston
Jeanie Elliott
Carla Ewing
Judy Gabe

Mike Gallagher
John Gottcent
Diana Gries
Andrew Harper
Catherine Hester
Kym Himsel
Karla Horrell
Betty Lou Jarboe
Ardella Jones
Dottie Kincaid
Kofi Kwarteng
Ellen Lampton
Eula Megli
Karen Mutschler
Linda Parker
Mike Petty
Janet Porch
Brandon Powers
Debbie Proctor
Jennifer Puckett
Helen Ritterskamp
Elizabeth Saum
Martha Scott

Bill Simmons
Barbara Sprinkle
Kripic Srithar
Joe Stofleth
Beverly Tonso
Erin Tooley
Daniel Wagner
Virginia Wagner
John Ward
Keith Weisheit
Carolyn Wentzel
Carol Winslow
Bill Woerz
Julia Wood
Carol Wright